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Helping You Get Back On Track


Your Home Network

Installing a new network? Adding a new printer? Setting up your bluetooth devices? Configuring your surround sound? We have answers to all your questions.


Upgrading Hardware

Whether you need a bigger hard drive to store your sentimental pictures or upgrading your RAM to run multiple programs simultaneously. We have you covered with installation and recommendations.


Say Goodbye to Virus's

With over a decade of virus removal experience we have seen thousands of virus' and we have yet to be defeated. We come prepared with the best virus removal tools and software on the market.


Data Transfer

Thinking about upgrading your old computer but worried about losing your files? We have you covered for a seamless transition between computers.


Data Recovery

If you accidentally deleted important documents, have a failing hard drive, or spilled coffee on your machine. We can recover your precious files in no time.


Backup Solutions

It can't be stressed enough that backing up files is a necessity. Whether it is to the cloud or and external hard drive we can set you up to have peace of mind.


iPhone Repair

Everyone breaks their iPhone screen at some point or another. We make it easy to have that clean look again at the right price. We will pickup and drop off your iPhone so you can continue your life without the hassle  of driving to a store!